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Dramania is an app that lets you watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of J-drama and K-drama series directly on your Android device. Also, you can choose whether you want to watch the episodes in 480p or 720p, based on your connection or on the free space you have on your device.

The app's interface is very intuitive. From the dropdown menu on the left you can quickly access a list of all the available dramas in alphabetical order or sorted according to popularity. You can also access a list of the episodes you've downloaded, or check out the latest Asian movies added to the catalogue.

One of Dramania's strong points is that it lets you choose how you want to watch each episode. You can stream them immediately or download them. You can even send them straight to your Chromecast device (if you have one connected).

Dramania is an excellent app for watching J-dramas and K-dramas. Not only does it let you easily enjoy thousands of episodes, but it also offers tons of different ways to do so.
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